What We Believe

We are an Episcopal church in the Diocese of Texas, part of The Episcopal Church of the United States, and the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

Episcopalians are people of the book. We highly value Scripture and everything we do is rooted in it, shaped by reason and the Tradition of the Church for the past 2,000 years. Our central text is The Book of Common Prayer, which is vibrant and rich collection of prayers, forms of worship called liturgies, and rubrics for keeping the rhythms of a life devoted to Jesus Christ. Most of the prayerbook comes directly from Scripture, weaving verses together into harmonious expressions of prayerful faithfulness to our Lord.

Whether you come from a high church Roman Catholic background or a nondenominational church that met in a strip mall, you’ll find a point of connection in this rich and multifacted expression of Christian Faith. The best way to learn what we believe, however, is to attend our Exploration Evenings. Learn more about them here.