Parish Care

What is Parish Care?

Holy Spirit’s pastoral care ministry, Parish Care, has always played a significant role in our parish as we pray, care, and become Christ’s presence for each other. Because this is a ministry of all of us—both parishoners and clergy—a new name, Parish Care, has evolved.

Parish Care brings kindness, care, friendship, or prayer for persons in the midst of life situations such as illness, grief, or celebration for the birth of a child. This is holy and exciting workThese ministries not only provide a way to serve and pray for others, but also help us grow stronger in our own faith journey.    

Parish Prayer List and Prayer Group 

Parishoners initiate prayer requests for themselves, family, fellow parishioners, and others who we care about. The requests are placed on the Parish Prayer List. Together and individually we pray to praise God and petition that God meet the needs of each person. The list is posted each week in the Sunday bulletin and is prayed in the Prayers of the People, first name only, during worship.

How do I add a name to the Parish Prayer list?

Call the church office 254-772-1982 or click here.

What if my prayer request is confidential? 

Confidential requests will not be included in the Sunday bulletin Prayers of the People or posted on other public lists. Only first names are needed.  

How do I get Involved?

We meet weekly in the church library to pray the prayer list and volunteer, as interested or able, to personally contact a few persons to extend care. For example: make a cheerful phone call, visit a shut in, deliver flowers, or send a card.  

Safeguarding God’s People training will be provided and an informal discussion with Fr. Jason will provide orientation to those interested. Contact Suzanne Acevedo,  for more information and to volunteer.

Special and Immediate Prayer Requests

Sometimes prayers are needed immediately or for a specific hour, day, or event  

Examples: an accident, upcoming surgery, qualifying exams, a job interview. Upon receipt of this type request, prayer team members are notified quickly to begin praying.  

Special and immediate prayer requests are kept confidential and will not be posted on a public list, unless requested. Only first names are needed. Full name optional.  

How do I make a special or immediate request for prayer?

Call Nancy Banks, 254-424-8087. Your request will be quickly routed to an assigned prayer team so that prayers may begin immediately or as requested. Remember to notify clergy about serious circumstances so that assistance or counsel may be provided.

How do I Get involved?

Volunteer to be on a prayer team and pray as requested. Safeguarding God’s People training will be provided and an informal discussion with Fr. Jason will provide orientation. Contact Suzanne Acevedo for more information and to volunteer.

Intentional Prayer Group

The Intentional Prayer Group prays for all non-confidential parish prayer requests. This group’s prayers focus is on the individuals named, rather than why they were placed on the list.

How do I get involved?

We meet weekly in the church library, Friday mornings at 10 am, for about 30 minutes, to pray for members, family and friends of the parish.  We ask for God’s mercy and grace for the persons on our lists. 

The Intentional Prayer Group is open to parishoners that experience a calling to prayer or simply desire to pray for others. All are welcome to gather together in prayer.