Daily Prayer

We are a people of prayer and a praying community.

Every morning and evening, a handful of people gather in the Nave of Holy Spirit to pray Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer out of the Book of Common Prayer. You are welcome to join us any time.

7:30 AM — Morning Prayer

5:45 PM — Evening Prayer

Of course, prayer is not something that you have to be at church to do. We have a number of parishioners who are not able to attend Morning and Evening Prayer and who creatively and sacramentally join with those at church praying by setting an alarm and praying along from wherever in the world they are.

If you would like to join in, the rubrics for Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer are easy to access by clicking through one of the above links. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep the whole of those liturgies due to time, so we encourage those who are unable to pray the full liturgy to pray the Daily Devotions for Individuals and Families as a way of connecting to the prayerful work of the Church.

Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer, as well as Daily Devotions for Individuals and Families, typically use daily appointed Scripture readings, which you can locate here.

If you are looking for a form that supplies all of this information in a streamlined, compact form, we would recommend The Daily Office from The Mission of St. Clare.

If you would like to discuss what it would look like to begin keeping a personal rule of prayer in your own life, please reach out to Fr. Jason or The Rev. Preston.