Core Values and Vision

At Holy Spirit Episcopal Church, we are committed to following wherever God is directing us. In the Season after Pentecost 2018, our staff prayerfully considered what the next ten years in the life of our church should consist of, as well as the governing principles that we would measure every future oppurtunity against. Together, these form our Core Values and our Vision, an expansive, holistic approach to how we walk forward together as a parish.

Core Values

Core Values are our guiding principles, our governing identifiers that articulate the unique commitments we have made as a parish to fulfill the work that Jesus has called us to in this particular place and at this particular time.

Core Values

I. All individuals are created in the image and likeness of God,

II. therefore, we strive towards welcoming and “table making”

III. so that we may live together in Church as Family and

IV. grow in faith together

V. so that others may see the Face of Christ as we engage with the world and one another.


As part of our commitment to pursuing our Core Values, we have a set direction on things we want to accomplish at Holy Spirit over the next 10 years. Originally culminating in Advent 2028, these goals reflected our commitment as a church to not only pursue God’s best for our congregation but also God’s best for our community and neighborhood. Each year, the vision “rolls forward” a year, always keeping our focus to what ten years from right now will look like and planning how we navigate there by making meaningful decisions in the present.

Last Year

Advent 2019

Full roll out of our Core Values, Vision, and use of the EOS, Traction model of management for the parish

Opening of a Level I Atrium for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Inclusive Playground opened

Committee for Visioning Inclusive School established

Finalize all internal processes, like stewardship, membership, and parish life

Saturday Evening Eucharistic Service launched

This Year

Advent 2020

Revised Master Plan approved, Phase 2 Scope of Work confirmed, and Phase 2 Capital Campaign begun

School of Prayer and Sacramentals Curricula written and shared with diocese

Atrium II of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Opened

Evangelism Team established, structured, and parishioner supported

Secure funding for the Holy Spirit Inclusive School and begin legacy funding plan

All persons on the Home Communion List receive twice a month visits

EOS: all proven processes documented, followed by all, and EOS used as the standard for all parish teams

Year Three

Advent 2022

Atrium III of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd opened and youth group begun; separate infant and toddler nurseries opened

Phase 1 of Landscape Master Plan begun and Phase 2 of construction underway

Diversity that aligns with our neighborhood with an intergenerational congregation

Inclusive, intergenerational community-style choir and sacred arts festival planned

3 curricula written and shared with the diocese, 2 curricula planned

Autonomous Holy Spirit Inclusive School governance and board

Vibrant evangelism that results in baptizing more adults than children

Weekly visits to all persons on the Home Communion List

Weekly sensory-friendly Eucharistic service and weekly Saturday Eucharistic service

Three established, subsidized disablity inclusive community programs for children

Year Ten

Advent 2029

Robust music and arts programs established

All levels of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd implemented

Holy Spirit Episcopal Inclusive School open for children 3-12

Phase 2 of construction completed and Phase 3 either underway or in exploratory phase

Fifth Eucharistic service explored and committed to by a core group of parishioners

An average weekend worship attendance of 400 people

A congregation reflective of our immediate neighborhood