Adult Formation

Holy Spirit has some of the most unique and engaging Adult Spiritual Formation in Waco. We hope to see you around. Whether you have been a Christian for years or days, there are exciting things to learn, discover, and encounter again anew.

At Holy Spirit, we take seriously the ongoing growth in Jesus we all are called to undergo throughout our lives. Our Sunday School, Wednesday evening, and various other formation opportunities reflect exciting and diverse approaches to what it means to faithfully and consistently engage with God and seek the ways in which God would challenge, shape, and form us.

Beyond the regular rhythms of Sunday School, Wednesday evenings, and Second Saturdays, please see our Seasonal Formation page for opportunities that are unique to the timing of the Church Year.


Sunday School, Sundays, 9:15 AM


What do we believe and why? We are inaugurating a new tradition at Holy Spirit: every summer we will spend time discussing the Catechism in our prayerbook and wondering together about the things we believe. Faith is a spiral and even as we revisit ideas that feel familiar, there is always somewhere deeper to go. Wherever you feel on the spiral of belief, this class is designed to encourage you and draw you into deeper relationship with God.

Led by Fr. Jason and Rev. Preston in the Parish Hall.


Wednesday Evenings, Wednesdays from 5 PM

Food & Faith — 5 PM

Stop by the kitchen as we prepare the evening meal together. All skill levels are welcome and there’s always a table to set up if chopping vegetables is not your preference. We chat, cook, and casually put things in order to feed our community. All dishes are vegetarian and can meet other dietary needs upon request. Please contact Preston with any dietary needs.

Holy Eucharist, Rite II, Spoken with Healing Prayer and Anointing — 6 PM

This midweek Eucharistic service is not only a chance for us to share the Feast of Christ together, but to pray for one another’s physical or mental healing. A short form service, this is a chance to pause in the week to reflect on the centrality of Jesus in our lives and to honor him as the Great Physician.

Dinner — 6:45 PM

A suggested donation of $5 or pay what you can—including not paying when you can’t.

(No Guilt) Faith & Fiction — 7 PM

A freewheeling conversation about a novel that you may or may not have read. Readings are manageable, but it’s okay if you don’t do it in advance. That’s the no guilt part. We can fill in any details you’re missing. Past works have included the short stories of Flannery O’Connor, Silence, and The Power and the Glory.

Currently Reading: Many Waters