Sermons (Page 11)

Sermons (Page 11)

Jesus Catches Peter

“Jesus Catches Peter” Matthew 14:22-33 Church of the Holy Spirit Proper 14, Year A (August 10, 2014)   It was the summer at Big Bend National Park, a park that at least at the time was famous for its alligators. I was twelve. The occasion was a family reunion on my mother’s side, and there is one adventure I’ll always remember. I had brought my fishing pole, and one…

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

“Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand” Matthew 14:13-21 Church of the Holy Spirit 8th Sunday after Pentecost, Year A (August 3, 2014) I  According to Matthew, Jesus is having a rough week. In just the chapter before today’s reading, Jesus tries to preach in his home town of Nazareth, but they reject him (“Is not this the carpenter’s son?” they asked [Mt 13.55].), and he can do…

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