Master Planning

Master Planning

Roll Out of the Plan Coming in April

Born from a Vision, out of the labors of committed volunteers, a master plan for Church of the Holy Spirit is coming to fruition.

Since the Congregational Forum in November, using the input gleaned from that meeting, more than 260 man hours have been expended in communicating the “must haves” and “wished fors” to Ben Heimsath and his team, our Master Planners.

In January, 26 parishioners spent an intense, but exciting day together in a Design Retreat Worshop moderated by Ben, at Ridgewood Country Club. (Thank you, Bill Bauer, for using your membership to make that happen for us!) The Design Retreat Workshop was a major selling point in the decision to hire Heimsath Associates, and it more than lived up to our expectations. At that retreat, in response to the charge “Dream Big”, three randomly assigned teams, each produced four (yes, four!) rough architectural renderings of how they saw a revisioned Holy Spirit campus.

On February 21, they met with Ben again, to review and critique a preliminary concept derived from 12 separate hand-drawn renderings and to answer his question: “Are we on the right track?”

Mark your calendars now, because at 12:30 on April 10, we will come together as a parish as the Master Plan for Church of the Holy Spirit is rolled out. Lunch will be served!



Holy Spirit - Ben wrapping up
– Karen O’Bric